From the United States to France, from Saudi Arabia to Australia and from Mexico to India, we have the largest selection of premium and VIP commercial-free TV channels from about every country in the world and our quality of service is second to none. We offer over 10000 premium and VIP live TV channels from the US (651 channels), UK (589 channels), Arab countries (840 channels), France (350 channels), Italy (495 channels), Sweden (220 channels), Norway (117 channels), Denmark (130 channels), Germany (569 channels), Netherlands (135 channels), Poland (288 channels), Turkey (348 channels), Israel (144 channels), Iran (155 channels), Portugal (363 channels), Albania (482 channels), Macedonia (70 channels), Ex-Yugoslavia (348 channels), India (625 channels), Pakistan (172 channels), African countries (344 channels), Greece (232 channels), Thailand (199 channels), Vietnam (46 channels), the Philippines (51 channels), Latin America (657 channels), Brazil (384 channels), Russia (258 channels), Armenia (42 channels) and many other countries. The icing on the cake is our Adults 18+ group (112 channels) and our world-class VIP Sports group which includes 463 channels (live events channels included!) covering almost every kind of sports out there.

Torpedo IPTV brings the cinema magic straight to the living rooms of customers in Canada and around the world. Why go to the movies when you can watch an exciting selection of more than 30000 VOD (Video On Demand) including some of the latest movies in our VOD section or in our VIP cinema channels at the tip of your fingers in the comfort of your home. Enjoy exclusive music channels from the industry’s best. Enjoy watching major international sports events and get live, play-by-play games and live coverage of sports from around the world. We are always raising the bar by expanding our service and adding new popular live TV channels and VOD movies on a continuous basis. If you love it, we have it. We are the best in home entertainment. Period.

Our affordable subscription plans are available with or without the adult channels both at the same price (Please choose your preference in the order form).  Free 24-hour trials are available!                                                                                     

For our detailed channels list, please contact us . Please note that the channels list is subject to some changes from time to time as we continue to update our service and add new channels.


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